Photo Gallery

We plan to have some picture galleries and video clips on this page soon.

In the meantime, you can peruse these picture galleries of past events.  VCB is so thankful for these professional photographers!

Photography by J. Patrick Rice of JPR Images:

Sleeping Beauty Ballet 2015 – 1049 photos

An Evening at the Ballet 2014 – 644 photos
An Evening at the Ballet 2013 – 500 photos
An Evening at the Ballet 2012 – 424 photos

The Nutcracker 2011:
Dress Rehearsal – 482 photos
Afternoon Performance – 601 photos
Evening Performance – 625 photos

The Nutcracker 2010 – 525 photosSleeping_Beauty-153-(ZF-0922-01142-1-003)






Barry Jumping




Maggie Bird Maggie Bird 2




 Sleeping Beauty Bows Sleeping Beauty Carabosse Sleeping Beauty Prince and Aurora Sleeping Beauty Red Riding Hoods

Photography by JPR Images.



VCB Evening at Ballet-1-(ZF-5781-47983-1-001)        VCB Evening at Ballet-372-(ZF-5781-47983-1-008)

Barry Amy Music Box        VCB Evening at Ballet-424-(ZF-5781-47983-1-009)

VCB Evening at Ballet-498-(ZF-5781-47983-1-011)


Photography by Geoff Powell of

–53 select images from An Evening at the Ballet 2012



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