Bigger is Better

With a Ballet studio, bigger is better. The repertoire of Classical Ballet requires room to move. Large leaps, know by the ballet term saute de chat, are a frequent element in female variations (ballet solos) and five in succession are the beginning of one of the Paquita variations. A circle, menage in ballet vocabulary, of jete entrelace’ is done in the classic La Bayadere and a circle of grand saute de Basque is part of the coda in the pas de trois from Swan Lake. This simply cannot be practiced correctly in a small studio or a large but rectangular studio. The dance floor must be at least 40ft by 40ft. The space can be slightly rectangular but should be as close to a square as possible. So far I have only been speaking of female dancing. A 40 x 40 studio is barely adequate for men.

Any parent of a ballet student should ask themselves an important question: if I were taking my child to study piano would I accept a teacher using a small electronic keyboard. The answer is likely to be an emphatic “no”. Pianos have a standard, 88 keys. We all would recognized a 44 key piano as being unacceptable. So, why then would parents find a small studio acceptable for their child to study ballet in? The answer is that most people do not know the dimensions necessary for the study of Classical Ballet. Remember, 40 x 40 is minimum standard.


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