Thank You For an Amazing Nutcracker Success!!!

From Barry Trammell:

Load out wrapped up around 12:30am with a fantastic crew helping every inch of the way. That fact basically summarizes this year’s Nutcracker. We had a wonderful team that worked hard and sacrificed time, blood, sweat, and (in some cases) tears to make this the best Nutcracker we have ever done. The dancers were brilliant, the production crew and volunteers were stellar, the front of house team worked through a tremendous task with aplomb. To put it simply, Amy and I could not be more proud of the Nutcracker this year and we are very grateful to everyone who made it happen. Thank you.

From Amy Trammell:

Everyone did an AWESOME JOB!!!! This truly was THE BEST YEAR EVER!!!!

I want to thank all the volunteers backstage. I know it can be hectic and without everyone’s help it really couldn’t happen. I can not thank you enough. Everyone got on stage dressed and ready (thanks to our super fast changers backstage)! Thank you to everyone who helped clean up afterward and load out of the theater, and all the volunteers that helped sew beautiful costumes. Thank you to all the volunteers that were up front selling tickets, ushering, etc.

I must say that I am very proud of the props that were made by Schulkes (Tree, Clock and Throne), Cards (Arabian Litter) and Greens (Doll Box)!!!

If I am forgetting someone it is because I am exhausted from a very exciting day.

Happy Holidays to everyone! Time to start planning for Nutcracker 2013, its going to take a lot to top Nutcracker 2012!

Thanks again everyone!!!!

Classes will continue through till Christmas!